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Planning your scheme communications
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Brand engagement can only be created through awareness and customer touch-points. The traditional annual renewal meeting has proved insufficient for creating lasting brand awareness.

Using Engage, your digital platform, you can plan out a simple but effective plan for the coming year to maximise the number of times scheme members see your brand and continually generate revenue opportunities.


Scheme members can experience a fresh mix of adviser uploads, push notifications and the automatic monthly uploads via the Financial Wellness section of the Engage App.


Here is a sample planner you which could be used for all schemes for 2021, providing a combination of adviser updates to the App and push notifications for the more urgent member communications.

Don't forget that each month a new article will be posted in the Financial Wellness section of the Member App on topical issues such as financial stress, managing budgets etc. These monthly updates ensures the App content is always fresh for members even if the adviser has not updated recently.
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