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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of PensionsVault for advisers?
    PensionsVault gives advisers the unique opportunity to provide their own Client Portal to scheme members. This has significant benefits to the adviser’s brand and their business. PensionsVault creates a digital link between the adviser and each scheme member creating year round branding, marketing and revenue generating opportunities
  • Why would scheme members use PensionsVault?
    PensionsVault is the only platform in Ireland that offers individuals the opportunity to save all their pensions in one place. They can save details of all their old pensions, even overseas pensions, and use the financial simulators to see if they are on track with their retirement. They can search for old pensions and use the secure storage facility to save important pension documents. Once members subscribe to PensionsVault they can use it for life, keeping your brand and messaging with them, wherever their career takes them
  • What happens when a member leaves a scheme and joins another scheme with a different adviser?
    PensionsVault is linked to members who have subscribed to the portal, not to any particular scheme. Members retain access to the portal as long as they wish to be, even if they change scheme/employer/adviser. The subscribing adviser can continue to correspond with the member, view their pensions, documents and maintain them as a client. This ensures that the subscribing adviser maintains clients for life, long after they have left a particular scheme.
  • How do you ensure members engage with PensionsVault?
    When a adviser sets up a scheme on the PensionsVault platform they upload the work e mail address of all scheme members and an registration e mail is send to members, which is linked to the adviser and scheme code. But member engagement does not end there, any time the adviser sends out communication on the portal all members (registered and unregistered) get an e mail advising that there is a new message in their PensionsVault Portal.
  • How can advisers boost their scheme business from PensionsVault?
    Advisers have access to unique features that currently do not existing in the Irish market. They can access the Multi-scheme marketing facilities, where they can promote content to some or all schemes at the touch of a button. If you think you might forget to do that, don’t worry you can set up automated touch-points to that are issued throughout the year without you having to remember. Eg all scheme members get a new message on their birthday with them birthday wishes from you and your team and also remind them they are a year older and need to ensure the pension funding is on track. Or maybe end of year AVC reminder to all schemes reminding them of the AVC tax deadline.
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