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Positioning the Engage App.
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“A casual reference to the Engage App to scheme members will not achieve the desired levels of download”

We are often asked by new advisers about the best way to position the Engage App with HR and scheme members, so we thought it would be useful to address this and give you some insights as to what other advisers do.

What are the download rates?

When we first present to advisers they are always curious about the typical download rates, ie what % of a scheme members actually download and use the App. This is a critical success factor as there is no point implementing a digital solution when very little members use it.



It really comes down to how the Engage App is positioned with employers and scheme members. To maximise the return advisers get from Engage they need to position the App as their core communication method for scheme member engagement. The messaging needs to be that the adviser has now “gone digital” and they can now offer a significantly enhanced service offering to scheme members.

Mandatory download

Of course scheme members don’t have to download the App but it is important that a part of the adviser’s communication is that if they choose not to that there will be important communications that they will miss out on throughout the scheme year. Members that choose not to download will still get the traditional renewal meeting and Benefit Statements but will miss out on updates throughout the year on topics such as tax saving opportunity, member offers, market movements etc.

The insurer’s technology is different

A clear differentiation should also be made to clients and staff alike about the different between the technology the insurers provide and the advisers Engage App. The insurer provides technology to access financial information. Current value, contribution history and fund performance, (all of which can also be accessed via Engage).  The adviser controls all other member communications. Updates, opportunities, member offers, videos etc. can all come from the adviser, via their Engage App to build customer touch-points and the advisers brand.

Adviser commitment

For best results from the implementation of the Engage App, advisers need to strongly position the App as their core communications tool. A casual reference to the App to scheme members will not achieve the desired levels of download. All staff in an advisers practice should be made familiar with the App and its features and be on the same page about reiterating its importance to scheme members whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

Engage roll-out

For best results the Engage roll-out should have a combination of promotion via HR and reinforcement by the adviser at each renewal meeting.  It is important that there is a continual reinforcement of the App by both HR and the adviser to maximise it's effectiveness.  HR will be happy to facilitate with this as the Engage App offers the opportunity for them to reduce queries to HR, help employees financial wellness and make the pension scheme that they are providing a more appreciated part of their employee benefit package.

The team at Centric are happy to help with scheme promotion by way of employee FAQ, branded videos for employers or staff presentations.

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