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10 Tips to Unlock the Potential of your Group Pensions

  • WhatsApp all scheme members via the PensionsVault Platform two weeks before the end of AVC tax deadline.

  • Upload an Investment Outlook in January to all your schemes and remind them of your services.

  • Reduce member queries by uploading all scheme documentation and applications to PensionsVault.  

  • Offer members the unique facility to be able to save ALL their old pensions in ONE place (even overseas pensions).  

  • Market your other services via the PensionsVault platform along with blogs, updates etc.

  • Help members store all their insurer login credentials in one place with a secure password vault.

  • Save admin time by setting up the automated scheme calendar to automatically issue member content.

  • Encourage members to use the self-service facility to add pensions not under your agency.

  • Save time compiling different projections for multiple pensions by using the Pension Simulators.

  • Dont lose scheme members when they leave the scheme, provide them with lifetime access to your platform.

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