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Creating opportunity from auto-enrolment

In recent weeks, LinkedIn and other platforms have become full of posts about Auto Enrolment, from how the contributions work, the opt-out rules, to the role of the Central Processing Authority.

But what about the adviser?  Is the only revenue opportunity for the adviser to expand the eligibility of the current plan to widen the net for all?   What if the employer does not want to do this and, like many, opts to just auto-enrol all the ineligible plan members? 

So, after all the talk about auto-enrolment, do these members fall outside the adviser’s scope and represent no revenue opportunity?   Well, if the employer is directly remitting contributions to the Central Processing Authority and there is no advice element, it would sound like that.

Communication challenge

The biggest challenge for advisers with traditional group pensions has always been communication.  Outside the renewal meeting, there is not a lot of opportunity to keep in contact with members to boost the brand or grow revenue.  With auto-enrolment, the opportunity will be non-existent as the employees are not in the scheme and advisers have no forum for keeping in contact.


PensionsVault has been designed to keep employees focused on the adviser's brand, to create engagement, branding, and revenue opportunities.

For auto-enrolment, PensionsVault can be the pensions portal for the company, scheme or AE members.  Giving all employees access to PensionsVault directs their focus to the adviser's brand and opens a critical link between the adviser and the AE employee. PensionsVault can transform the connection between the adviser and all staff, not just scheme members.

Benefit of PensionsVault




24/7 access to all scheme and AE staff for multi-scheme marketing, messaging, and uploads

All pension and AE queries can be directed to PensionsVault reducing administration

Personalised Vault to store everything pensions




All staff focused on the advisers' brand

Employers can upload any employer documents onto the platform

Lifetime access so it is not tied to their employer or insurer




Added value to the employer by solving the AE communications challenges

Added value for staff with a centralized company platform

Links for employees to log into insurers or CPA

Talk to us about transforming the communication you have with scheme members and solutions we can put in place for auto-enrolment.


Karl O Meara


087215 1007









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